Immersion Cleaning

BioChem understands there’s more to your immersion cleaning system than just choosing the right cleaner. Tank design is also important. BioChem Systems has considerable experience in designing these types of cleaning systems. We desire to work with you to create a system that meets your specific requirements.

Bio T MAX is the proprietary developed product specifically formulated for immersion dip tank cleaning. Bio T MAX is the safe alternative to hazardous caustic and acid cleaners commonly found in immersion cleaning. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  1. Neutral pHBio T MAX has a neutral pH when diluted with water. This provides a much safer working environment compared to caustic cleaners that have a pH of 12 – 14. High pH caustic cleaners can burn employees and damage sensitive metals or equipment.

  2. Long Bath Life – Properly maintained Bio T MAX wash tanks have a bath life of 1 – 2 years. Unlike caustic cleaners, Bio T MAX never becomes spent.

  3. Ambient TemperatureBio T MAX wash tanks do not need to be heated and can be used at ambient temperatures. Since most caustic baths must be heated to be effective, Bio T MAX can reduce energy costs associated with heating tanks and provide a much safer working environment.

  4. Tank MaintenanceBio T MAX wash tanks are easy to maintain. The desired concentration of Bio T MAX can be maintained by checking the specific gravity. Also, Bio T MAX can be filtered with oil absorbing bag filters to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from the wash tank. The filterability of Bio T MAX provides the long bath life

  5. Improved Adhesion of Paint or CoatingsBio T MAX cleans parts much better than most caustic cleaners. The results are better adhesion between coatings and parts being cleaned. Bio T MAX is a solvent that actually dissolves oil away from parts. Surfaces will be much cleaner when compared to most caustic cleaners.


BioChem Systems offers an alcohol free solvent that is ideal for cleaning floodant gel from fiber optic cable prior to splicing.

Specially formulated for the telecommunications industry, Cable Clear’s full strength formulation cleans without detrimental effects on the splicing process.

Cable Clear is an excellent alternative to dangerous, flammable solvents and petroleum-based cleaning agents. The product minimizes irritation to workers and is fully biodegradable and non-toxic.

Parts Washing

Solsafe 245 is the ultimate parts washing solvent. Its unique, non-aqueous, no residue, non-hazardous (146F flash point) formulation is the perfect replacement for mineral spirits. With a KB Value (solvency strength) of 106, Solsafe 245 has 3x the solvency strength of mineral spirits. Due to this difference in solvency power, parts cleaning with Solsafe 245 is significantly more efficient, which equates to much longer runs between fluid changes. Solsafe can be disposed with used motor oil and can be sold to a fuel blender due to its BTU value.

Many chemical companies offer a service contract to lease a parts washer, supply the chemical, and dispose the waste on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This service, although convenient, is very costly.

Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating

Traditionally, diesel, kerosene and other marginally effective products have been the preferred cleaning solvents in the asphalt / paving industry. Due to tightened environmental regulations and a better focus on worker safety, companies are seeking alternatives.

Tarbuster is an industrial strength product that is considerably more effective than diesel, yet it does not compromise worker safety. It’s a perfect replacement for hazardous aromatic or petroleum distillate-based products used for asphalt and grease removal. Tarbuster is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and can be rinsed with water.

BioChem’s Tarbuster Wipes are the perfect heavy duty pre-moistened hand wipe to effectively loosen, dissolve and absorb oil and grease. These shop size wipes come in bucket containers that are ideal for any maintenance truck or shop.

Tarpedo is a non-hazardous product that quickly and effectively dissolves ready mix and concentrated coal tar sealers. It’s designed to rinse easily with water to clean coal tar sealer equipment, hand tools and maintenance vehicles. Tarpedo is an excellent replacement for commonly used toxic solvents such as glycol ether EB and chlorinated solvents.

General Degreasing / Metal Cleaning

No matter the industrial cleaning application, BioChem Systems has the safe solvent for the toughest jobs. It’s time to replace hazardous chemicals such as xylene, toluene, acetone and MEK in the workplace with safer and more effective alternatives.

BioChem products translate to numerous industries. A few of the industries currently being served are:

  • Mining

  • Aerospace

  • Oil & Gas Manufacturing

  • Paper Mills

  • Hydraulics

  • AC Coil / HVAC Industry

  • Printed Circuit Board Cleaning

  • Bottling (Both glass and aluminum can)

  • Furniture Manufacturing

  • Automotive Cleaning

  • School Districts / Municipalities (Graffiti removal)

  • Janitorial

  • Food