Bio T Max reduces clean up time. Its concentrated formula goes to work quickly with little effort, allowing you to easily rinse with water. Because Bio T Max is versatile, it can be diluted for many uses, reducing the amount of solvents and MSDS in your facility.

Cable Clear

Specially formulated for the telecommunications industry, Cable Clear cleaning solution removes cable floodant and gels, water blocks, C-cement, filling compounds, grease and oil, asphaltic coatings and other petroleum based materials.  Perfect for cleaning cables, fiber optic plastic tubes and cladding, equipment and tools.

General Purpose Foam

Just spray General Purpose Foam directly on the surface, whether it’s a large area or a tight spot. General Purpose Foam clings where it’s sprayed and quickly dissolves filth away.


BioChem’s RailX solvent provides superior solvency for circulation cleaning of tank cars.

Rifle Shot

RifleShot is a revolutionary product that safely and effectively penetrates, dissolves and removes organic substances associated with drilling, production and de-mobilization applications.

TarBuster Wipes

TarBuster Wipes combine powerful yet safe cleaning agents with an absorbent nonscratching abrasive towel. The result is clean hands with a pleasant fragrance.



BioBrake is specifically formulated for brake parts cleaning. It is designed to dry quickly without leaving any residue.


FoamaXX produces a thick, stable foam that clings to vertical surfaces long enough for the degreasing action to occur.

SolSafe 245

The ultimate non-hazardous / non-aqueous parts washer, electrical and precision cleaning solvent.  The ideal acetone replacement.  Solsafe 245 dries residue free making it perfect for cleaning prior to painting or bonding.


Tarbusters industrial strength formulation quickly and safely penetrates, dissolves and removes asphalt, adhesives, grease, oil and more.


Full strength formulation utilized to remove ready-mix and concentrated coal tar sealers, adhesives, grease, oil and other tough contaminants.

Ultra Clean

A full strength, no rinse industrial aerosol that effectively removes brake dust, wax, oil, lubricants and much more.


VPRX is BioChem’s proprietary fully organic solvent formulated to dramatically expedite cleaning of railroad tank cars.