Bio T 200A

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Formulated for Tough Cleaning Tasks™!

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-corrosive

  • High solvency

  • Non-aqueous

Non-Water Soluble Formula

Bio T 200A’s non-water soluble formula dissolves away:

  • asphalt

  • adhesives

  • cosmoline

  • fingerprints

  • grease and oil

  • lubricant

  • cutting and stamping oils

  • paint

  • solder flux

  • wax

  • other organic and stubborn residues

Bio T 200a - BioChem Systems, Safe Solvents
Perfect Cleaner/Degreaser

Bio T 200A is the perfect cleaner/degreaser to replace petroleum distillates, methylene chloride and aromatic solvents. Ideal for the power cleaning processes such as:

  • Convey systems

  • Pressure spray units

  • Ultrasonic dip tanks

  • Hand wipe applications

Cleans Thoroughly

Bio T 200A cleans thoroughly and leaves little residue, making it perfect for cleaning:

  • Precision metal

  • Electrical motors

  • Printed circuit boards

  • Asphalt and heavy oil

Scrubs Grime Away

Bio T 200A scrubs grime away while still protecting surfaces such as:

  • aluminum

  • chrome

  • copper

  • fiberglass

  • nickel

  • carbon steel

  • stainless steel

  • teflon

  • other sensitive materials

Reduces Clean Up Time

Bio T 200A Reduces Clean Up Time

Bio T 200A’s full strength, low-residue formula goes to work immediately on tough cleaning jobs where water rinsing is not needed or desired. With a dielectric strength of 48,000 volts, Bio T 200A safely cleans electric motors. Due to its solvency power, it cuts down on the amount you use and the time spent cleaning.

Reduces Concerns

Reduces Concerns about Safety, the Environment and Regulations

Bio T 200A is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents. It provides the highest level of cleaning strength and it is safe for workers and the environment. It is a cost effective alternative to dangerous and environmentally unfriendly cleaners.

Available Sizes

  • Five-gallon pails

  • 55-gallon drums