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Sulfidox will oxidize pyrophoric iron sulfide to iron sulfate, eliminating the potential for exothermic reactions (pyrophorics) during entry for maintenance of storage tanks.

  • Sulfidox controls toxic odors by oxidizing sulfides to odorless sulfates.

  • Under no circumstances should Sulfidox be used without first removing all hydrocarbons from the tank using BioChem’s Tidal Wave chemistry.

  • Sulfidox is always injected with water (1.0% concentration is recommended to react with iron sulfide).  The dilute solution of Sulfidox in water is dark purple


  • As Sulfidox reacts with iron sulfide, the color of the effluent will change to brown.

  • The reaction is completed when the Sulfidox color changes from brown back to the original color (purple).

  • Total reaction time can be approximately 4 hours

  • Sulfidox is compatible with all metals

  • pH is 8.0 to 8.5

Available Sizes

  • 55-gallon drums

  • 275-gallon totes

Sulfidox - 2 - BioChem Systems, Safe Solvents