Upstream applications demand strong solvents that can remove paraffin and heavy oil.  In addition to downhole applications, washing a rig to maintain safety or to prep it prior to relocation is a must.  At BioChem, we have developed a solvent that expedites the removal of these heavy contaminants.

RifleShot is just as powerful as aromatics but does not contain the hazards of those solvents.  RifleShot is fully biodegradable.  This combination of solvency strength and safety is ideal for upstream applications.  RifleShot is 100% organic and does not contain any water.  It does not mix with water.

For washing rigs, we highly recommend our Tarbuster solvent.  TarBuster will quickly dissolve hydrocarbons from the rig and allow them to be easily rinsed away with water.  For more information on Tarbuster, click here.